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Frequently Asked Questions - Ambulance

Ambulance Cover

The La Trobe University Snowsports Team strongly recommends you ensure you have Ambulance cover before engaging in any alpine activity. Ambulance transport and treatment is a paid service not covered by Medicare. The cost of emergency transport or other ambulance services is significant and average emergency transport from ski resorts is in excess of $2,000 (often higher in remote areas). 

Am I Covered

Ambulance rules and membership very depending on your state of residence for most La Trobe University Students this will be Ambulance Victoria. Further details on the information found below can viewed on the Ambulance Victoria FAQ

There are a number of ways to be covered for transport with Ambulance Victoria

  • Ambulance membership in your state of residence
  • Under the State Concession Scheme, eligible Victorian’s holding certain concession cards receive free clinically necessary ambulance coverage throughout Australia.  In all cases, transport is provided to the nearest and most appropriate medical facility.
  • Some private health Insurers provide emergency evacuation cover please refer to your insurance policy to determine if you are covered

Ambulance Victoria Members - As an Ambulance Victoria member travelling interstate, you receive the same benefits that you would have received if you had been in Victoria. Please refer to the Membership Scheme Business Rules for further definition.

International Students and Ambulance Membership

To become an Ambulance Victoria member you must be an Australian citizen or have been granted permanent or temporary resident status. You must also reside within the Operational Boundaries of Ambulance Victoria.

If you are ineligible for state ambulance membership, check your travellers insurance for emergency evacuation and "Snow Sports/Activities" rules.


In the event emergency evacuation is required the La Trobe University Snowsports Team is not responsible for any cost incurred if you are inadiquately covered for ambulance or emergency transport