FAQ - Incidents on snow

Incidents on Snow

Incidents happen on the snow, be sure to know the following to help keep yourself and others safe on the hill.

Accidents or Collisions - What To Do 

If you are involved in, or witness an accident or collision, alert Ski Patrol, remain at the scene and identify yourself to the Ski Patrol.

  1. Do not leave the injured skier/boarder alone.
  2. Approach them from below or from the side if the slopes are icy.
  3. Do not remove your own skis/board if the slopes are icy. If it is safe to remove your skis/board cross them and place them upright uphill from the injured skier/boarder.
  4. Do not remove the injured person’s skis/board.
  5. Reassure the person and keep them warm.
  6. Do not move them or attempt to treat them unless you are qualified in first aid.
  7. While one person remains with the injured skier/boarder make sure another reports the accident to any ski patroller or to the nearest lift operator, Say what the person is wearing – there can be more than one accident on the same run at the same time. Give the exact location of the accident and nature of the injury and wait for the patroller.
  8. Have someone stand uphill from the accident to give verbal warnings to other snow users when someone, including Ski Patrol, is attending to the person