Policy - Bookings

Policy - Bookings of Product or Services 

Products and services supplied by the La Trobe University Snowsports team are are bound by the Australian Consumer Gurantees.

Cancellation - La Trobe University Snowsports Team Cancels Your Booking 

In the event the La Trobe University Snowsports Team cancels your booking for any reason you will be entitled to a full refund with the following exclusion.

Exclusion - Disciplinary action in line with the consitution of the La Trobe University Snowsports Team or under the directive of a La Trobe University disciplinary committee. Will result in the forfit of funds paid to the La Trobe University Snowsports Team.

Cancellation - Less Than Ideal, Poor and Extreme Weather

In general a participant is not entitled to a refund in the event of less than ideal, poor and extreme weather. The La Trobe University Snowsports Team is also not responsible for any environmental factors that are out of our control. However, the La Trobe University Snowsports Team will endeavour to secure refunds or partial refunds where possible utilising the policies of a given service provider.

Lack of snow and lift pass - La Trobe University Snowsports Team typically visits Victorian ski resorts which have snow guarantee's for check the website of the relevent resort for detail. Falls CreekHotham, Mt Buller.

Accomodation - Some service providers have snow gurantees in line with their respective resort, in addition to their own cancellation policies.

Cancellation - Voluntary Participant Cancellation

If a participant choses to cancel their booking for any reason you may be elligible for a partial refund. Please refer to the detailed terms and conditions document available for download below.

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